American Democracy:

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

A Call for Art

American democracy, as the bedrock of our society, has undergone fundamental changes throughout the decades. From ending slavery, expanding the right to vote, striking down the jim crow era, protests on the streets, and so much more, the fight for a more equitable democracy and society is ongoing. 


We are looking for works of art - posters, drawings, poems - that highlight American Democracy through the ages, where we have been, where we are now, and what we can do to make our democracy stronger.

This event is open to all who care about Stoneham. Photographs and other art should be submitted in digital format (take a photo/video of your poster, painting, sculpture, musical composition, etc.). The deadline for art submissions is March 5th, 2021. Stay tuned to learn more about our American Democracy campaign!

Please send all submissions to